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4 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills, by Adam Gunton

Adam Vibe Gunton is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach with a global audience, and the winner of numerous awards. He is also the founder of Recovered on Purpose, a movement that seeks to help recovered addicts by giving them a platform to tell their stories and influence future generations towards a life of purpose.

Adam has assisted hundreds of men and women around the world in communicating their life’s purpose and finding meaning in what they do. Additionally, for his work, his profile has been featured on the Superhuman Life Podcast, Fuse Life, as well as the Kingdom Passive Income Podcast. As a coach, one of the most common lessons that he has to impart to his students is the lesson on public speaking. Here, he shares the secrets for successfully speaking publicly with 4 tips.

Fail First, So You Won’t Fail Later 

Perfection can be the end of your whole process. People always believe that they have to be perfect at whatever they do. They fail to realise that even the experts have spent hours testing their skills before becoming good. there are countless failed tests that the audience doesn’t know about. “Living a life of purpose and mission is necessary, but that doesn’t mean you won’t fail from time to time. What matters is rising above your failures to achieve success in your life,” said Gunton. He also agrees that having a support system to help out in matters of need is necessary. Speaking publicly in front of family and friends will help you, while also giving them a chance to understand all that you went through.

Know Your Stuff

Knowledge is a good thing, but conviction is better. Knowing what you know before sharing it with others is necessary. For addicts speaking to others, you need to be loud about the circumstances that led to your recovery. “Let your knowledge be for their benefit. Tell your story to people who need it. Your story is your greatest weapon in terms of recovery. So, accept it and take it everywhere with you. Own up to it and treat it as the best thing that has ever happened to you so that others can learn from it,” said Gunton. “I myself had to undergo a tough program before I could be clean. It took me nearly a decade to rid myself of my drug problem. The experience was not only humbling but also enlightening, because now I knew not to put something so bad in my body. Now, I help people who are in the same boat as I was,” he added.

Practice Makes Perfect

“One of the most important things that great speakers do is practice their art. No moment is wasted. Everything is practiced to the hilt so that there are no surprises. Great speakers spent long hours trying to get the tone of their speech exactly right. Practice what you are going to say and there will be no problems,” said Adam. Another thing that helps is taking feedback. There are always people around you to give you the advice that you need. They could have suggestions on how to improve or something else. Take feedback from the people around you who are honest with you and you will be able to improve. You can also practice by sharing your story of substance abuse in primary or secondary schools. It might seem embarrassing at first, but consider that most addictions do take place at a young age both to drugs and alcohol. If people share their experience from when they were young, it can have a positive effect on school kids and prevent them from becoming addicts.

And Then Keep Repeating

“I reiterate my previous statement: practice makes perfect. They say it takes 21 days to establish a habit. And Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to make anyone an expert in anything they do. I say familiarity is good, repetition is better if you wish to succeed,” said Adam. The biggest problem that addicts have is a lack of awareness. As well as a belief that no one is listening to you. Through public speaking, one can spread awareness that no one is alone; that someone is watching out for addicts. Someone is willing to help.

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